Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Lessons From A Pogo Stick

Now that this campaign is nearly over, I have a desire to tell you what I've learned from this 8 week endeavor.

I thought I would be able to participate in Tread on Trafficking without actually getting involved. I thought it would be something I'd just have to struggle through because it would simply be hopping on a pogo stick.

I was completely wrong.

Because every time - every time - I got on that pogo stick I thought about a little girl who was being exploited. Every time.

I thought about her. What it might be like to be sold. What it might be like to be up all night experiencing nothing short of torture. What it might be like to be sick and have to be up all night. Or have cramps and be up all night. For 8 weeks I went though the normal emotions of life and I thought about her having those same emotions but with no where to give them an outlet.

And selfishly, I thought about me. 2 months ago my mother-in-law gave a pogo stick to my son. She and my son joked that I should try it and I thought, "No way!" And then I thought, "There is no way I could do that."

Turns out I was wrong. I CAN do it. I CAN do things. Perhaps my potential goes further than I believed.

And, I don't say that out of narcissim. I say it from a heart that very much believed I had no potential other than what others believed I had. I did not think I could accomplish anything other than what I was told I could.

But now I believe differently.

And my prayer became that she will believe that too. That she will believe she is more than her pimp and buyers say she is. That she would believe there is hope of a brighter day, a brighter future. And that when the time comes for her to make the decision to do that hard work of stepping into belief of herself and her future as compared to what would be safe and familiar, that she will BELIEVE she CAN DO IT.

I am so thankful for this experience. I'm so very thankful for your support. And I'm incredibly grateful for the brave men and women who are out there to help her. Thank you Love146 for this incredible opportunity. It is certainly true that when you give something what you receive is much greater than you could have imagined.


  1. Wow Karyn...if you got that much encouragement for yourself from pogo sticking, imagine what that little girl would experience from someone at a group like Love 146 helping her find a different way. Imagine if she heard about how much God loves her (and you too!) and believed that in her heart.

    Great work Karyn...creative way to raise money and awarenes...and I'm glad it helped you too!

  2. Karyn, what a remarkable journey. Your heart continues to grow for these girls and I praise God for it. Keep jumping, shouting, writing, sewing, whatever you have to do.

  3. Thank you so much Melissa and Sam. It has been a wonderful journey. I will definitely keep it up Sam. Who knows what will be next?! :)

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