Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Vow To You

We are now at 10.5 miles on a pogo stick. I believe there must be a bunch of you out there praying for me. :) Because I feel so much better than I did last week. Actually, the next day I felt better, which makes it doubtful that this is indeed a stress fracture.

I'm still experiencing some pain, but not like last week.

But here's the deal. I have to keep things ramped up from now until June 30. And I'm a little nervous as to how that is going to go simply because there is still pain there and 3000 hops a day is not something my body is used to doing.

So, this is my promise:

I will do 26 miles on a pogo stick (68,640 hops). It may get done June 30, 2011, July 25, 2011 or April 6, 2012. But it will get done.

I'm praying I'll be done on time. But I'm keeping my commitment no matter what.

Thanks for your support and encouragement! If nothing else you made me laugh with your suggestions of solo pogoing (I love that!) and recumbent pogo sticking. Maybe we could combine them - reclined solo pogo-ing while eating brownies (my addition)! I love it!

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