Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Direction

Have you noticed the new mantra at the top of our blog now? It reads "pursue your passions with purpose". That was one of my biggest goals as I participated in Love146's Tread on Trafficking Camaign - to link someone with a love for exercise to the purpose of fighting child exploitation. That's the point of all of our Ede Projects - to help you find ways to pursue your passions while benefiting the purposes of the non-profits we think are making huge differences in the world of human trafficking.

I love understanding purposes of things and I especially enjoy having a purpose behind what I'm doing.

So, in cooperation with our Ede Projects and pursuing living with purpose, we're going in a new direction with the blog.

One of the intents of this blog is to tell you about very cool things that are happening with the business - new products, sales, promotions and introducing you to our artisans.

But we also want to share in community with you and want to continue to raise awareness for unique and fun ways to support our favorite non-profits.

So, we're splitting things up. We'll aim to post on the blog 2 times a week. One time will be with the intent of connecting your passions with missions we think are awesome. The other post for the week will relate specifically to the store as we've done in the past - continuing to inform you and give you special treats for following us and paying attention to what is going on around here (giveaways anyone?).

So, stay tuned! We're going to be talking to you about having fresh breath with purpose first thing next week! Now that is something to look forward to!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the new direction and we'll be in touch soon!

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