Monday, July 11, 2011

Fresh Breath.... with Purpose?

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night and I could definitely use what Project 7 has to offer to keep me going today - coffee, mints, gum and water.

I could stay awake with purpose!

Here's how:

Project 7, like DFC, is a shop with purpose store, offering you "products for good"! Instead of focusing on the tragedies of this world and getting bogged down in the hopelessness of it all, Project 7 chooses to focus on hope. And they do this by financially assisting non-profits with sales of every day products in 7 specific areas.

Here's a run down.

  1. Feed the Hungry - Purchase a "feed the hungry" product and you'll provide 7 meals in American communities.
  2. Heal the Sick - Each product here will buy medicine for a person suffering with malaria.
  3. Save the Earth - Product sales enable the planting of fruit trees.
  4. House the Homeless - You can provide shelter, food AND education for 1 day for an orphan when you buy a heal the homeless product. Wow!
  5. Quench the Thirsty - Each product here provides clean water to someone for a YEAR!
  6. Teach them Well - Buy a teach them well item and give an education to a child in Africa for a year. Can you imagine?
  7. Hope for Peace - And give a day of counseling to a child of war with these items.
It makes my heart hurt to think about these needs exist, but it is simply amazing to me that you can DO so much good by buying gum! And sugarless, I might add!

Even better is the fact that Project 7 doesn't just talk and disburse funds. They DO! Through 7 Day, a separate part of their store, Project 7 offers you community and change all at the same time by resourcing volunteer "chapters" all over the states to help you make a difference in your own community in creative and fun ways. How awesome is that?

I'm in love! Are you?

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