Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ansley Tote Giveaway!

Miss Ansley is back!!

One of our best sellers, our Ansley tote, appeared in our store as a result of a very inspiring young woman who participated in our Buy a Bag Give a Bag Campaign with A21 last fall. We couldn't keep up with the popularity of this bag, but in honor of our one year anniversary of our Ede Projects, we're bringing her back!

This awesome tote is unique and gorgeous! It is not only a roomy tote, but can easily be switched to a backpack in 10 seconds or less for a more casual look. Trendy, roomy, functional and versatile - plus, really stinking cute! What more can you ask for?

Well, I'll tell you. You can win it for free! Participate in our giveaway in any of these easy and fun ways and the Ansley Tote can be yours!
  • Follow our blog - 3 entries
  • Follow us on Facebook - 4 entries
  • Link to our store on Facebook - 5 entries
  • Follow us on Twitter - 2 entries
  • Tweet this giveaway - 2 entries
  • Take our button for your website/blog - 7 entries
  • Receive 1 entry for every dollar you spend on our store between now and the end of the giveaway
  • Review a product on our store - 2 entries for each review!
  • Comment here or on facebook about what you love most about our store - 3 entries
  • Schedule a fundraiser - 25 points!

Wow! that, my friends is a lot of ways to win! So, get entering and share this with your friends! Who knows, if you don't win maybe they will and will give it to you as a present.

Good luck!

{Giveaway begins Wednesday, August 17 and ends Sunday, August 21. Winner will be announced Monday, August 22.}


  1. The thing I love most about Delicate Fortress is that it epitomizes the idea of using what you're passionate about to change the world and make an impact. So inspiring!

  2. I love the theory and inspiration behind this store...SHOP WITH PURPOSE! We all buy STUFF, make it meaningful by helping someone else in the process.
    And of course the hard working woman behind the store is a great friend. :)

  3. I love that I bought a gift for a friend at the MOPS convention, and now when she receives it, she will get to read the tag that says - This item from....has been bought for the purpose of fighting human trafficking.....

    Usually the tags say thank you for helping to better a life..or something (which is totally great, I am in no way judging), but this one uses the word FIGHT in it, and at the same time raises awareness to the person receiving the gift, as to what I am passionate about fighting. :)

    I can't wait to give her the gift! :) Thanks y'all!

  4. I am very passionate about using your God given talents and passions to serve him and help others! I love that Delicate Fortress does just that and gives a meaning and purpose to shopping! I enjoyed talking with you at the MOPS convention in Nashville about how you got started. I was the one who has started my own craft business but am interested in adding a fair-trade or purpose driven aspect to my business.


  5. I liked Delicate Fortress on facebool :D
    - Sarah Kay

  6. What a great bag, I love it!

    I follow your blog and your twitter, as you know, and I am a facebook fan!