Thursday, September 22, 2011

A 14 Year Old, Doodling, and Human Trafficking

You HAVE to meet Asya.

She's 14 and has a knack for expressive doodling.

She found out about human trafficking and how the average age of a trafficked girl is 13.

And she couldn't sit still with that information. So decided to FIGHT!

Asya put together her talent and her passion to create not 1, but 2 groups to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Stinky Feet Gurlz communicates sass, trendiness and fun all in one in great t-shirts of Asya's doodled designs. With fun expressions subtitling her creative designs Asya is reaching out to a world of teens, pre-teens and adults who don't know anything about human trafficking. She utilizes portions of the proceeds of these t-shirts and accessories to help fund her non-profit organization, She is Worth It, which is committed to bring awareness of human trafficking to all of us in the US and provide money to put away criminals by making sure untested, backlogged rape kits, providing a wealth of information on rapists, will be tested and effective in putting criminals away.

I love Asya's heart and the passion she has for human trafficking and fighting it tooth and nail. Listen to this quote taken from her blog,

"She Is Worth It! is ready to go from town to town across America to educate parents, children, school officials, governors, etc., until every person is fat with information. Information creates awareness. Awareness creates righteous anger. And righteous anger spurs ACTION!

We're linking arms because they are worth it!"

Isn't that amazing? We are with you Asya!

Her compassion and sense for justice is contagious, don't you think??

So, go tell her how awesome you think she is, buy a shirt, do something because she is fighting with purpose!

Here are the links to her sites -


  1. I am "wowed" by the fact that a 14 year old is doing so much! How inspiring to the rest of us. Find your talent, and then use it for good. Go girl!

  2. Thank you so much! This has been a treat to see you mention us. We are working so hard to make a difference and we won't stop until ears are perked and action is being taken to stop this crime against us kids. We are also focusing on getting rape kits off the shelves and tested. Not processing them will not be tolerated!

    Thanks a million for standing with us!