Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Couple of Changes In the Works


So, good news or bad news first?

I always want to hear the bad news first because I'm so distracted by knowing I'm going to hear bad news that I can't listen to the good news. Okay, here's the bad news.......

  1. We've had 2 different suppliers of ours in the last week come to us asking for help because they need it. Running a business, non-profit, or organization of any size is incredibly hard work and so discouraging at times. We want to help them.
  2. During our fundraiser with BEMM we sent 30% of all sales to BEMM. $775 as a matter of fact! Awesome! We charged $150 for shipping for all of those orders. And it cost us $300. Oops. So over 80% of our earnings from the fundraiser went out our door and then we didn't charge enough for shipping. Well, that's not sustainable!
  3. And our rewards program is still in action so free stuff is going out the door too.

Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?


Good news.......

  1. With just that one fundraiser over 20 different organizations and non-profits were helped.
  2. People LOVE our products!!! We have received SO many notes of encouragement from those who purchased through that fundraiser, not to mention the rest of the year!
  3. We love advocating for the men, women and children who are fighting their way out of exploitation and pain into hope.
  4. We love that this fall we are going to help bring 2 children home to their families through adoption fundraisers.

So, to make sure that can all still continue to happen for a very long time we're going to need to instill a couple of changes.

  1. Our shipping costs will average $5.50 instead of $4 to send an order to a customer. Shipping will be free for those spending over $150!! :)
  2. Our rewards program is going to not be applicable during fundraisers. One point will earned for every $10 purchased in store at all other times.
  3. We are going to upcycle a few products that you don't even know we have. :) So for example, we have several punjammies gift bags that have not been utilized because people didn't want to sort through them to pull out their punjammies to see the size or design. In the past we used some of them to put together the maternal birth kits, but since our girly girl headbands have been so popular we will be using some unused lonely punjammie gift bags for those. And then your purchases will have twice the purpose! Not only will they support women who have escaped forced prostitution in India, but they'll also help fund an education, supervision, hot meals, books and uniform for Benitha, the child slave in Haiti who you have helped us sponsor. Now, that, my friends, is awesome!

So, that's the big news. The good, the bad, the ugly, the awesome..... All in a little, hopefully transparent, package.

I'm so grateful for all the support and encouragement you give us. That emotional help is incredibly appreciated and truly keeps us going. And, as ALWAYS, thank you for shopping with purpose and advocating for those who need it desperately!


  1. Hang in there Karyn. :( You are doing a wonderful thing...even if there are "oops"es along the way.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement Melissa. You are a huge part of keeping this going!