Thursday, September 15, 2011

What a Fundraiser REALLY Does

Whew! What a wild ride that was!

We just finished a fundraiser with Because Every Mother Matters. They have a huge task to accomplish - purchasing an ambulance for a community in Ethiopia with an astonishing maternal death rate - all in the name of combating the global orphan crisis.

We were honored to participate in this week long fundraiser and are thrilled to announce that with this fundraiser they raised $775 to help purchase a 1999 Land Rover, which will be that very ambulance.

I am so happy for them and that they are so close to meeting their goal. What an accomplishment!

But I want to tell you what else they, and their supporters, did through this fundraiser.

They supported 21 different non-profits and small businesses in 17 different countries, encouraging, enhancing dignified work conditions and providing fair wages to countless men and women. With every purchase, ever reorder (of which I made 7 this week!), more hope is instilled and more encouragement is given to each artisan.

They also raised $31.25 to help fund literacy programming in Haiti through The Restavek Freedom Foundation with purchases from our Made with Purpose line. And now we're clean out of headbands again! :) (That, my friends, is a good problem!)

These are amazing accomplishments.

So, a very special thank you to Because Every Mother Matters for working alongside us and giving us this opportunity. And thank you, thank you to all who purchased items during their fundraiser. Your support has truly MADE A DIFFERENCE!

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