Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What In the World is a Deck?

So, check this out! I found this site through Eye See Media, a social justice magazine we are going to be featured in this upcoming holiday season.

360 Project.

They are reaching youth all over the world through skateboarding!

Now, despite my pogo sticking ventures, I am not a skateboarder, and I don't plan to be either. Wheels and I just don't get along. :) But, if any of my kiddos ever get into skateboarding, I'm going to be all over this.

They have a one for one program similar to Toms shoes. When someone purchases a skateboard, or deck as they call it, they donate one to their multiple projects all over the globe. Artisans and designers submit patterns for the skateboards and only 20 are created in each pattern leading to uniqueness and in demand opportunities. You can buy one for $80 and know that another one identical to it will be going to an underprivileged youth in another country.

Why is skateboarding important? Because it brings youth off the streets, giving them access to people who genuinely care about them and their well being, providing them with genuine relationships and friendships and giving them access to education.

Awesome! What do you think?

Need a skateboard? Go here! This one is hands down my favorite!

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