Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You're Going to Be SOOOO Excited!!!

Last winter I shared with you the sad news that one of our favorite suppliers, The Enterprising Kitchen, had to close its doors due to financial issues. I was so very disappointed when I learned about them closing because I knew the tremendous amount of good they were doing for women in the Chicago area. I was so proud to be supporting an American organization that was making such a difference. And I LOVED their products.

Working with smaller non-profits and groups is a tremendous privilege because I get to interact with the people leading the charge in these different groups. At The Enterprising Kitchen I was able to work with Fey and get to know her a little and order through her when I made purchases. She was delightful to get to know.

When she told me that The Enterprising Kitchen was closing she said she was interested in starting her own bath and body company which would be very similar to The Enterprising Kitchen. She had the desire to do so because she had personally been impacted by the work of TEK. She had been a survivor of domestic violence and was taught, at TEK, the principles of business, bath and body product making and management skills. She was given a livelihood. TEK was personal to her.

So I waited.

And wouldn't you know it, this summer I received my first pricing list from Pure Eden, a company based out of Chicago, IL and begun by Fey and a friend of hers, also impacted by TEK. Ground up.

How exciting is that??

Count us in!!

So, we now are incredibly proud to announce that we are working, once again, with Fey and are now carrying Pure Eden products - the same phenomenal products from TEK with a little different look. And, we have brand new products from Pure Eden like our Pomegranate Vanilla, Cranberry and White Chocolate soy candles. Don't they sound divine??

I'm thrilled and I definitely hope you are too.

We still have a few things from The Enterprising Kitchen in stock, but once those run out we will be sending items from Pure Eden instead. A smooth transition.

I'm pretty excited because now I don't have to hoard all the glycerin soaps and candles anymore. I can just order them when I run out!

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  1. Yea!! I was so sad when I heard they had closed. Can't wait to smell the new products...and support Chicago ladies when I buy them! :)