Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Cards and Fighting the Orphan Crisis

So, more exciting news! We are working with a new artisan group - Good Paper!

Good Paper carries 3 different product lines that we are now honored to have available in our store - Cards from Africa, Sanctuary Spring and Good Paper Stationary.

First, before I tell you why I think they're so awesome, I want you to see how beautiful these cards and journals are!!

First up, a favorite after the birth of a loved one's child. The Hello Little One card!

Then we have the Elegant Thanks card, perfect for expressing your gratefulness to a friend.

Followed by the River's Edge Center Tie Journal. Hand painted and gorgeous! It is one of three different styles of center tie journals we are carrying.

And, as is now seasonally appropriate :), gorgeous Christmas cards. Perfect for writing that note of gratefulness and cheer for someone you appreciate.

Now let me tell you why they are so awesome.....

They have been created by heads of orphan families and survivors of human trafficking.

Cards of Africa are created by heads of orphan families who have younger siblings to take care of and send to school. By creating these gorgeous cards, they are receiving a fair wage under dignified working conditions and are able to support their family and send their brothers and sisters to school.

Sanctuary Spring has been provided as an alternative to women who have been tricked into forced prostitution in the Philippines. By working at Good Paper and creating these beautiful cards, the women are able to push out of exploitation and into hope.

I love these cards, but the purpose behind them is what makes them so beautiful to me.

And my favorite part is this......

The back of each card describes it's story and is signed by the one who made it. Isn't that beautiful?

I'm in love.

Are you?

Want to learn more about Good Paper? Check out this video.

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