Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dignity, Hope and Gratitude - An Adoption Fundraiser Testimonal

We are finishing up a wild round of fundraisers today. It has been amazing working one on one with the coordinators of these fundraisers and those who are supporting them through their words, conversations and purchases. This year we were able to help purchase an ambulance for a community who desperately needs it in Ethiopia, help two families raise money for their adoption traveling expenses and help 3 MOPS groups pursue their mission. It has been wonderful.

I wanted to share with you a testimonial from a recent adoption fundraiser to give you a taste of why we're doing these and why we feel so passionate about them.

In Heather's words.....

Dignity, Hope & Gratitude...

I just wanted to tell all of friends & family who supported us during our fundraiser what you did. What you did was amazing! I know that I have said that many times over the course of the last week, but I am lacking words to really explain what your purchases did. So, I will do my best. Here goes....

To start, here are the numbers:

* We had 40 people order from 7 different states.

* Your orders supported 22 different artisan and non-profit groups in over 15 countries. Many of the groups are working in several different countries at once.

* You raised $741.75 to help offset our adoption travel expenses!

Here is how those numbers break down into real life usefulness:

* Your purchases helped fight human trafficking, forced prostitution, extreme poverty, modern day slavery, the orphan crisis, maternal mortality, child exploitation and illiteracy. EVERY issue Delicate Fortress aims to tackle was supported.

* You helped people provide for their families with DIGNITY.

* You gave the gift of HOPE!

* You shopped with purpose and bought items that were made with someone's hands, many that were one of a kind and not made in a sweat shop. I know that it is very difficult to do with many of our day to day purposes. Delicate Fortress gave us all an easy and affordable way to do it!

* You helped us raise enough money to pay for about half of a round trip flight to Ethiopia!


I must tell you that we are really humbled by the way that our "village" came together to support us. Thank you for being a part of TeamOsh. Thank you for putting your dollars toward causes that are dear to our heart.

We began the adoption process in July of 2010. As of today, we have officially been waiting for a referral for a little over 10 months. The wait has taught us a lot and given us the opportunity to really learn about the orphan crisis, the struggle for the people of Ethiopia and the enormous lack of basic needs that exists there. We thought we knew a lot before we started the process. We know more now!

As we wait and learn from afar part of our hearts longs to move forward with this journey. But, we understand that there is a timing beyond what we know that is not for us to dictate. Changes to the governmental process in Ethiopia, the famine and other issues are impacting the current climate of adoption in Ethiopia. In short, it is complicated! We are in constant contact with our agency and have learned that we are in the top 20 families with our agency waiting for a placement. That does not mean anything as far as how much longer we will wait or what our process will look like from here on out. But, it is information that we are glad to have.

In the meantime, we are sustained by faith, hope, love and the support and prayers from our village. Thanks for being a part of the journey! Thank you for joining us in our fundraiser.

With Gratitude,

Heather & Dan


  1. Thank you, Delicate Fortress Creations! I have said it before but it is worth repeating...The world is a better place because of you!

  2. You are more than welcome! You were an absolute joy to work with!