Friday, January 6, 2012

3,500 Shelters

In the United States there are 3,500 shelters. Shelters for rescue, respite and rehabilitation. Shelters where the hope is that stability and security will further rescue in the form of a family.

3500 shelters.

Let me clarify.

3,500 animal shelters. Shelters for dogs and cats who have been in abusive or neglectful situations.

You know how many shelters there are for minors who have been intimidated, coerced and forced into commercial sexual exploitation?


5 shelters to care for minors who were sex trafficking victims. 50 beds to care for these girls.

Its hard to fathom that more advocacy exists for our animals than it does for our exploited children.

Help us change this today. Need a gift? Buy one from us and $1 of each gift/item purchased will go to Gracehaven in the efforts to build a 10 bed shelter in Ohio. Don't need a gift? (We realize it was just Christmas. :)) No problem. You can donate to Gracehaven through our store here.

Let's Change It Today.


  1. I have heard a little about human trafficking, but none of my co-workers or family even know what it is,there does need to be more advocacy and awareness to how much of this really happens, right in our home towns.I am all for more shelters for these kids, but this doesn't really have anything to do with animal shelters, Most of them are there as holding tanks til the animals 2 hour -72 hour required wait is over, then they are gassed or killed in other unthinkable ways, one shelter here in my county doesn't even feed the dogs, why waste the food. I am not trying to be hateful, but there has to be a way to get the awareness for child exploitation without harming another one of Gods creatures. Sorry if I affend anyone, but if you do not want my comments, then do not post it on my facebook page.

  2. @Anonymous we're working very hard to raise awareness about human trafficking and how it effects women and children across the globe. This post is one way to do that.

    I am not saying there shouldn't be animal shelters - our family has gotten 2 cats and 1 dog from animal shelters. With this statistic, I'm saying we need to reflect on our priorities as a country and make sure our children are being taken care of.

    As far as this being posted on your facebook page, I can guarantee we haven't done that. As a business we aren't able (and have no desire) to do that out of respect of your privacy. We actually haven't posted this to DFC's facebook page yet, other than in statistic form, but I'm interested to see what our response is going to be now. :)