Sunday, January 8, 2012

What You've Helped Us Do

On our 2nd birthday we wanted to take pause and thank you for the things that have been accomplished in the last year. The progress we've been able to make together toward fighting human trafficking has been amazing and I want you to know that.

Its nice to see that change in a concrete way, so to that end, here are the top 10 things that were accomplished because of your support in our second year of business.

  1. We sponsored and sent 500 maternal birth kits to Haiti through the non-profit organization Konbit Sante, leading to the provision of simple life-saving birthing environments for 500 moms and their newborns.
  2. Because of your purchases we were able to begin working with 8 new artisan groups fighting human trafficking, extreme poverty, maternal mortality and the orphan crisis, and extending our reach to over 30 artisan groups worldwide.
  3. We were able to continue to support women like Nimi who touched your hearts and ours more than we could have imagined and revealed the true reason behind why we are doing this.
  4. We raised over $3500 for non-profits and adoptive families through our fundraisers, helping to provide an ambulance for the people in Mareya, Ethiopia and bring 4 children home to their forever families.
  5. We were able to speak to several church groups, moms groups and individuals about human trafficking, thereby raising awareness and educating a new group of people who are now determined to make a difference.
  6. We began learning about the orphan crisis and maternal mortality through our connection with Because Every Mother Matters, broadening our scope of understanding of human trafficking and changing our outlook.
  7. We funded a literacy program in Haiti that will have long term implications in changing the face of slavery in that country.
  8. We provided a second year of sponsorship for Benitha, resulting in advocacy and education for a girl who is experiencing slavery first hand.
  9. Our Cyber Monday post, in which we revealed why saving money doesn't necessarily lead to better living was viewed by over 200 people, which is a BIG deal for us and helped people understand why fair trade is so important!
  10. We raised over $700 to benefit Love146 by pogo sticking, helping girls find refuge from human trafficking.
Thank you so very much. It is truly amazing to see what can happen when a community comes together. We never dreamed that something that began so simply could do so much and we're so thankful for your partnership in seeing this through. I can't wait to see what happens in year #3!

So, which was your favorite of all of these? We'd love to hear which of these most impacted you.


  1. Great list, Karyn. I can imagine you sitting down and taking a deep breath of gratitude. You have amazing energy. Here's to another good year of dependence on God's leading.

    1. That is exactly what I did, Sam. Thank you for helping to keep that energy going. I'm so looking forward to what will happen in the upcoming year.