Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your Travel Essentials List

Whether it be to Aruba or Ethiopia, it seems like everyone I know is traveling this spring and, I'm a little jealous! ;) But, despite that jealousy, as I've added 100 new products to our store in the last week, I couldn't help but think of all those people and how so many DFC things would benefit them in their travels! So, I want to make a little travel necessity list, if you will, that will help you, my friend, travel a little more easily.

First up is our Passport Bag from Tchaka Bags - eliminating the frantic rush to find your passport and tickets when you get to the airport. This fun bag offers the right amount of storage for all your essentials and is designed to be carried cross-over style for maximum convenience.

And if you need the extra security of knowing where your passport is, we have these awesome Passport Covers by Eco Friendly Papers in 3 very fun colors.

Taking a little one with you? Here's a fun, organized way to keep their little minds busy! A coloring book and crayons, placed in our gorgeous new crayon rolls. Aren't these batik fabrics gorgeous?

If your trip is especially long, you may need some time to unwind when you finally get to your hotel room. Why not try our deliciously scented Travel Kit? This little dandy can be stowed right in your carry-on so you can still relax whether or not the rest of your luggage made it with you!

Find refreshment and pull yourself back together by finding all of your neatly packaged essentials in this sweet cosmetic bag. We actually have a LOT of cosmetic bags and pouches to choose from now!

Bedtime? Well, it goes without saying that you're going to need your punjammies. These are new!

Going some place sandy? How about taking our sari pocket bags with you? Light weight and easily stowed, you'll be thanking your lucky stars for the convenience of these bags.

Taking a life changing or memory promising trip? These journals are going to be essential in capturing your their thoughts, hopes, joys and struggles of your trip.

Isn't that a great compilation?

So, if you're heading on a trip, or like me, know someone who is, stop on by and pick up some of our essentials. Its a great way to make the trip (and traveling) a little more relaxing while advocating for some pretty beautiful women in the process.

**AND just a reminder! Today is the last day for our Change It Today campaign in support of Gracehaven House. For every ITEM purchased, we're donating $1 to them in their efforts to build a shelter for girls rescued from human trafficking here in the States. We've raised $65 so far, which is fantastic coming off the Christmas season, but we would love to make it to $100! Head on over to learn more, donate and make your purchases. Happy traveling!

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  1. I don't know if you carry them, but I would also add Tassa Tags as luggage identifiers, they are bright, beautiful, & raise awareness of child sex tourism. www.tassatags.org