Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Change It Today - In Ethiopia

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support for our Change It Today program in January. With your partnership, item sales and donations, were were able to raise $130 for Gracehaven House. That is fantastic!

We are so thankful to have worked with you to help Gracehaven and we're so excited to announce our February Change It Today partnership with Because Every Mother Matters.

You've heard me talk about Because Every Mother Matters before. They opened my eyes to how great the orphan crisis is and how it directly impacts human trafficking.

This past fall Because Every Mother Matters partnered with Delivering Hope to combat sex trafficking in Ethiopia in direct correlation with their mother sponsorship program. I can't wait to share with you throughout the month how great this partnership is and why I believe in it so much.

For now, I want to share with you something out of my conversation today with Steffany from Because Every Mother Matters.

"We want to have beds for these girls. We want to teach them dignity, sustainability, self help skills.... Some of these girls have been orphaned or sold by their families and have never even seen a bed. We want to give them a shot at life. And we're going to start with one girl at a time. And if we only help one, it will be well worth it."

I'm with you, Steffany.

During the month of February, $1 for every item sold will go to Because Every Mother Matters in their efforts to fight child prostitution in Ethiopia. Let's combat sex trafficking and Change It Today.

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