Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicken Fundraising

Our Change It Today program with Because Every Mother Matters (BEMM) is starting strong for February and we're so grateful for your support. With this program, you know that $1 from every item purchased on our store for the month of February is going directly to BEMM to help with their soon-to-launch human trafficking initiative in Ethiopia. In March, 14 women from BEMM are going to Ethiopia to begin that program and work with the women in their existing mother sponsorship program.

In the meantime, BEMM has asked us to partner with them in a project they are completing to address a major problem in Ethiopia.

Here's the problem....

"Millions of children across Somalia and the Horn of Africa are suffering a deadly combination of high food prices, armed conflict and crop failure.

The result: children too weak to fight diseases, unprotected from threats they could normally bear. *1"
Lack of food results in lack of livelihood; results in early death.

One solution? Chickens.

The provision of just one chicken to a family will provide much needed protein to their nutritionally lacking diets through regularly harvested eggs. Once each family has received the amount of eggs necessary for diet improvement, they will be able to hatch the remaining eggs to increase their own crop or sell the resulting chicks in the market place.

While BEMM is visiting the village the chickens will be provided to, a nurse and chicken farmer will be with them to provide education on protein enriched diets and proper chicken care. BEMM is planning follow up trips in the summer and fall and will be able to provide additional training and checking-in if necessary.

Ready for details on how you can get involved?

From Monday, February 13 - Monday, February 20 we are going to be selling chickens! Not real ones, mind you, but virtual ones. :) You will have the opportunity to purchase (sponsor) a chicken for $11. At the end of this campaign we will provide the raised monies to BEMM. They will buy the sponsored chickens when they go to Ethiopia in March, providing economic livelihood to chicken farmers there. Cultural appropriateness at its finest.

Now, there's something extra special about this project. You will actually get to see the chickens being carried over the mountain by 14 women AND you'll be able to see them delivered to the villagers. While the BEMM travelers are in Ethiopia they will take video of the chicken deliveries and then we'll bring them right to you! That's my favorite part.

I don't know how you feel about overseas trips for things like this, but I wish I was going to be there. For the time being, I'm thrilled to know that I'll be able to see the results of my sponsorship.

What do you think? Want to buy a chicken? Head over to our store and sponsor yours. Just search for "chicken". :)


  1. You are constantly amazing me with the things you are coming up with and the programs you highlight.

    Can you think back and remember your life before DFC? Wow!

    1. Thank you Amy! Things are certainly different than they were two years ago for both of us! Thank you for always being so supportive.

  2. :) This is awesome! Thank you for your part in this. As a farm family, who enjoys raising chickens, we are thankful for the opportunity to support this.

    1. Wow! You can certainly appreciate this effort then. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I'm so excited to see how many end up being purchased!

  3. I wish I could be there as well....what a great way to help out! We should be buying chickens instead of chocolate...who needs more chocolate, when those in need, need chickens.. :)