Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do You Have Much?

One of the horrible evils that exists in the world of trafficking is generational trafficking. In this, a girl involved in trafficking will become pregnant, have her baby and remain in trafficking while the child waits and learns. As that child gets older (I'm talking 4 years old here), she becomes more and more attractive to her mother's trafficker. She is becoming potential.

And the younger the better. The demand for her is just so much greater to traffickers and johns than it is for any other age group.

The atrocity is so great, so enormous, so horribly huge that it can easily become something we become paralyzed under, as people who can't even imagine it. We just can't even fathom.

Sometimes you don't have to though. Knowing is enough.

Something my husband and I talk about from time to time is the verse, "To him who has been given much, much will be expected."

We have been given much. We have a warm home. I can count 5 beds with sheets, pillows and comforters in my home. I can count our bathrooms and the safety of many more than 4 walls in our home. I can literally see the security offered as I walk around my home.

We have much. And we know much. Something we had no idea about 2 years ago we now know a great deal about. We have been given much. And we're responsible.

We're responsible to DO SOMETHING. To act.

Our Change It Today campaign this month is with Because Every Mother Matters. They are specifically aiming to rescue these young women and children and get them OUT of the human trafficking circle. Women who have never experienced the security, safety or beds that I have. They just rented a home in Ethiopia - a safe house - to offer to young women in trafficking who need out. And their children are welcome. The picture at the top of this post is of the home they just rented. They need funds to pay for beds, sheets, toothbrushes, staffing - everything.

We're offering 2 ways to support this effort - through direct donation, which you can do here and through your purchases. When you buy DFC this month, $1 from every item purchased (over $5) will go directly to BEMM for this safe house. This month, when you buy from us, know you are advocating for women and their children in Ethiopia as well as our artisans, their families and their communities. Your purchases change lives.

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