Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It Matters

It's not often that I "put myself out there" with blog posts for DFC. I'm just not sure that its the right place to do that.

But, today I'm wading into those personal waters for you because I think it relates to what we're doing here.

We started doing adoption fundraisers last October. One of the fundraisers we did was an incredibly moving experience for me which resulted in my husband and I considering international adoption ourselves.

Since then, we've been grappling with all the questions that come with that territory and thinking through all of it until a couple of weeks ago when my husband took a mission trip and met a sweet baby boy, abandoned by his mother.

He captured my husband's heart.

It turns out we are not able to adopt this child because of laws the country has in place, but we attached ourselves to him all the same before we realized that.

Here's the part that relates to DFC.

This little boy was one of 6 that his mother abandoned. A different family had become attached to the 5th child and was in process of adopting him when the grandmother stepped in. She kidnapped the child and took him over to the other side of the country where he is currently struggling to survive because she can not afford to feed him. Her demand? If the family gave her $24,000 she'd give him back. The family could not meet her demand. And can you imagine if they could have?

This is not okay. This is trafficking. It is exploiting a child for monetary purposes, without ANY concern for their well being.

Now I know that the sales of our items are not impacting these particular children. But here's what your purchases do.

When you buy Freeset, you provide needed funds for rescuing girls who are exploited for their very bodies. When you buy punjammies, you teach girls that they have worth and dignity and that their lives are much more valuable than that which their bodies can "do". When you buy Good Paper products, you communicate loud and clear to orphans that they CAN support their families and that you are behind them.

It matters! Every purchase you have made, will make, makes a difference. And it doesn't stop there.

Every time you wear these products, and all the others too, you are being an advocate - for the baby boy my husband met and his brother and countless other children out there who are vulnerable to exploitation - because when you wear these items and people ask you about them, you tell their stories. You make sure they are heard and known and that makes a difference.

Please say a prayer for these children today, that their voices will be heard, their stories will be known and that they will know love.


  1. Praying for this children constantly and also for your family as you heal and move ahead. Bless you for your boldness to share this, IT DOES MATTER!!!!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and enthusiasm, Kristy. I'm very grateful for that.

  3. Such a beautifully written post, Karyn. You put a great voice to what is sometimes hard to describe. It is all so complicated but at the core are children & families, beloved children that matter just as much as yours and mine. It does matter! Thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for being a place that I can proudly refer my loved ones to shop at, knowing that what they do matters. I now check the produce almost every time I buy it. I'm still struggling with bananas (they all seem to come from Guatemala). I carry the list of products that have been found to use child and forced labor in my purse. Its a big list, but I carry it! I check it before I purchase. My kids see me do this. One day soon, they will come to know why I sort through several pages of paper just to buy blackberries. On a weekly basis someone asks me about my Sadie bag. I take the time to explain the story. Sometimes people don't want to hear my drawn out explanation but its more than just a cute bag. It has a story that needs to be told! Thank you for helping me tell the story! Thank you for being a part of our story.

    1. Heather, is this list available online, or is it something you personally compiled? I'd be interested in having it while shopping as well!

  4. That is beautiful, Heather. Thank you.