Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ingenuity of Our Artisans

One of my favorite things about our items is the ingenuity involved in creating them. Check out some of our newest items and how they were made!

Sari Sarongs - created from saris, garments worn by women in India. Every single one is different because each garment has been upcycled!

Shiva Bracelet - created from harvested bone of animals that have died from natural causes.

Ankh Earrings - created from recycled wire.

Get Well Card - created by heads of orphan families from upcycled office paper.

Flower Ring - also from bone! Isn't this gorgeous?!

Give a shout out to our artisans! Which one is your favorite?


  1. We purchased some cards for Christmas that were a HUGE hit! I am guessing all the cards are as fantastic as the Christmas cards were.

    I am a big fan of those flower rings though!

  2. The Shiva bracelet is beautiful. I mean, BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for all you do.