Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Advocate of the Week - Meet Elizabeth!

I can't wait to introduce you to our advocates each week!

Please meet Elizabeth.  An incredibly sweet, humble and encouraging woman, Elizabeth found us through a couple of different fundraisers we did last fall.  She has been so faithful to spread the word about our artisans through various social media outlets and she loves the items she has purchased!!  One our her favorite items in particular, the Iha Tote, helps her be the voice of our artisans.  Take a listen.

"Carrying my Iha Tote from DFC makes me smile!  I am their voice when I explain that the artisans of this beautifully made tote are working their way out of extreme poverty in India.  They are upcycling plastic bags to construct this well made, pretty and cleanable tote.  I am thankful that through DFC I can purchase items that are helping others better their lives while helping mother earth."

And we are thankful for you, Elizabeth!

Check her out wearing her Iha Tote....

Isn't she beautiful?

Please join us in thanking Elizabeth for her advocacy.  Every time she spreads the word about our upcycled products and the artisans who made them, she is making a difference!

Thank you, Elizabeth!


  1. I just love her blue dress with that bag. It's such a pretty combination!

  2. I didn't see that before, but you're right, Alice! Good eye!