Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Are We?

Well, I realize we've been on this side of incognito this summer and I want to explain why.

Running DFC, while awesome, is also a lot of work!  A lot of time is sacrificed from my kiddos and family while I take care of orders, social media, etc. 

This past couple of months has been crazy for our family!  We have held many adoption and small group fundraisers, which has been wonderful!  At the same time, our family has been busy pursuing adopting from Haiti and completing the massive amount of paperwork and appointments that go along with that.  With both of those things as well as life as a family, I've found myself becoming overwhelmed at times.  I miss my kids and need to spend time with them - enjoy their summer off with them so we are all refreshed go to "back to work" in the fall.

What does that mean for DFC? 

Well, all it really means is that I'm not out there actively promoting it or changing it right now.  I'm laying low on social media fronts, including blogging, tweeting and facebook.  That is happening with that goal that this summer will be a time of rejuvenation and fresh ideas for DFC in the fall.

Our store is still always open and we LOVE getting orders!  Orders will be filled just as they usually are and we will also keep with our 24 hour customer response policy.  No worries there! 

Thank you for being so supportive of DFC and our artisans!  We are all so grateful!  And thank you for your understanding in this too. 

See you on the social media front in a couple of months!


  1. I love this post! So excited for you all and your adoption journey! It is good to take some time off sometimes. Just enjoy the family :)

  2. Good stuff, Karyn. Glad to see you getting some rest.