Sunday, November 25, 2012

Live Beautiful

A few years ago I didn't realize shopping with purpose existed.  As DFC started and I began to learn more about how shopping could help people, I also began to learn more about what those people needed help from.  The atrocities of human trafficking, modern day slavery and extreme poverty became more real to me as I heard victims' personal stories and handled the products made by the survivors themselves.  With something as simple as a bag, my life began to change.

I couldn't go to chain stores and think the same way anymore.  I started thinking of how my family and I could change the atrocity of modern day slavery, even in simple ways, and we started making small changes to our lifestyle so as to not make the cycle any worse for the people we were trying to help.  We started living a little more "beautifully".

In the last 3 years I have met many of you, and heard your stories - stories of how you're living beautifully to help others and fight the atrocities we are trying to raise awareness for.  Hearing from you and seeing your work has been so inspiring.

Some of you are women hosting your own "shop with purpose" events and are fundraising to spread the word of just how common human trafficking is. 

Some of you have been so appalled at the very idea of human trafficking that you now take lists of foods and producers to grocery stores so you aren't continuing the cycle of modern day slavery and so you can support those fighting against it.

Some of you have made commitments to buy fair trade, as much as possible, for Christmas this year.

Some of you have become ambassadors for us, using your voice to help our artisans.

You live beautiful.  And you understand that something as simple as a bag or a bracelet can communicate a powerful message.

We are so grateful.  And so this Cyber Monday we are honoring you. 

For every order over $75, you will receive one of our "live beautiful" t-shirts for free.  Simply add it to your cart and check out with the coupon code "BEAUTIFUL". 

As an added bonus, every order placed between 6am-12pm EST will receive 15% off the entire order and free shipping!

Thank you for the way you live and how you beautifully help so many with your purchases with us.  It makes a wonderful difference!

Merry Christmas!!

**Side note - Our Live Beautiful t-shirts are available in limited quantities and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis for applicable orders.  If there is a demand for these, we will certainly consider carrying them in the future!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful work that you do!