Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ann Voskamp, Freeset and the Demand for Freedom

Have you seen it this week?

The buzz for freedom?

New York Times best selling author, Ann Voskamp, blogged a birthday wish for her mother and daughters.  The wish for freedom.  The wish for women and girls around the world to be rescued from human trafficking and forced prostitution, through marketing the Farmhouse Sari Freeset Bag.

This is what I mean by the potential of a product.
What Ann was able to accomplish with her readers in 4.5 hours is astounding.  1,000 bags sold.  In a mere 4.5 hours.  Can you imagine the potential of those sales? 

What strikes me the most is the demand and passion for such a product.  The demand for women to rise up and fight for her fellow sisters around the world.  To make a difference.  To be their voice.  As Ann so beautifully puts it,

And there are women who believe that radical always begins right where you are, that we can be world changers because Christ’s changed us, that know the Gift born in Bethlehem came to make us into the gifts. 
We are the gifts for these women and girls, in India and even in our beloved United States, who are being trafficked every day.  If we speak up.  Our purchases, through Freeset, Starfish, International Princess Project and so many others can help us carry the message of freedom, can advocate for our artisans, our sisters worldwide.

I pray the passion Ann stirred in women this week will continue.  Take the opportunity.  Don't let this Christmas pass you by without changing someone's life.  Move on your passion here.


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  1. Thank you for posting this Karyn...a beautiful message. Particularly after the devastating shooting last Friday, Ann's words of being radical right where we are, mean even more. We need to be Christ to those around us...right where we are, right now.