Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Return of Change It Today

 One of the greatest ways you can help fight human trafficking is through donations to one of the many phenomenal organizations who work to help individuals around the world escaping exploitation.  Last year we were honored to work with Gracehaven and Because Every Mother Matters to provide a portion of our sales to each group during the months of January and February.  In reflection of 2012, we decided to bring the program back.  Change It Today is here!

2 reasons why.....

  1. We stand behind these programs and we want them to know that through our financial giving.  
  2. We know there are so many wonderful programs that you'd love to be a part of, but can't necessarily give financially to each of them.  It's really quite overwhelming to learn about all of them.

Here's the deal.  Each month we will feature a different non-profit organization who fights human trafficking, child exploitation, modern day slavery, the orphan crisis or extreme poverty.  10% of all profits from our sales (excluding fundraiser sales) will go directly to that featured organization of the month.

There are 2 very awesome things about this for you!

  1. YOU get to choose the organization!  Each month we'll ask you for your favorite organizations for one of the issues we tackle and you will get to tell us.  We'll choose 4 of them, present them to you and then post them for a vote.  After the vote is over we will notify you and the organization that they are going to be our featured non-profit of the month!  
  2. You know that not only are you already buying with purpose, but shopping with purpose got even bigger!  You'll be supporting our artisan groups, our work, and a non profit doing the on the ground work with victims and survivors.
Please comment below or let us know on facebook or twitter what your favorite organizations are who fight human trafficking.  On Saturday, we'll post 4 of those groups and you can start voting!   

We hope you're as excited as we are to bring back this program.  Let's go!

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