Saturday, January 19, 2013

Vote for February's Change It Today Organization (Fighting Human Trafficking)

We asked you to tell us your favorite non-profits fighting human trafficking for the return of our Change It Today program.  And you answered in a big way.  Thank you!

As a result of your advocacy, we learned about some fabulous non profit organizations doing tremendous work in the realm of human trafficking and I'm so excited to share with you the final four choices for February!

Rapha House - Rapha House concentrates their work in Southeast Asia.  Through their full circle programs, they are able to provide girls rescued from human trafficking new life to the fullest.  From time of rescue to reintegration into society, Rapha House is committed to each girl who has escaped from a life of forced prostitution through vocational training, judicial advocacy and basic need provision.  Rapha House advocates tirelessly for the girls it serves.

Second Life of Chattanooga - Second Life of Chattanooga is working diligently to end human trafficking in Southeast Tennessee.  Through collaborative efforts with the judicial system, local non profits, educators, social services and individuals, they are able to provide awareness of human trafficking, leading to massive preventative efforts in their area.  Second Life works diligently to end human trafficking before it can start.

Freeset Global - Freeset is one of our artisan groups and we are so proud to feature them here!  The purpose behind Freeset Global is to empower women trapped in the sex trade in Kolkata, India with freedom and dignity through fair trade employment as they create fabulous jute bags.  They have a goal to employ all 10,000 women in their neighborhood involved in the sex trade so they might live lives of hope instead of despair.  Freeset goes beyond business though through their Trust program.  The Freeset Trust teaches life skills to their employees so they are able to learn reading, writing, budgeting and basic health care.  Freeset offers compassionate business. 

Abolition International -  The goal of Abolition International is restorative in nature.  Their focus is on creating after care facilities here in the United States to help women who have been entrapped in human trafficking.  These homes will provide education and advocacy to human trafficking survivors, helping to break the bond of dependence and fear into freedom and knowledge.  Abolition International offers restoration beyond measure.

That's our four!

From now (Saturday) until Tuesday morning, you will have the chance to vote for our Change It Today (CIT) organization for the month of February.  Through the CIT program, 10% of profits from all sales (excluding fundraiser sales) will be given to the chosen organization.  Vote on our side bar and see the progress for your favorite organization as we go along.  We'll announce our winner on Tuesday! 

So, start sharing your favorite organization and this blog post and encourage your loved ones to vote with you!  Let's go!

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