Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Your New Opportunity to Be Their Voice!


The month when everyone recuperates from the expense (and cookies) of December.

The month when people either feel let down because the anticipation of the holidays is over or rejuvenated with new passion and resolution for the coming year.

It's also Human Trafficking Awareness month.

In light of that, from January 2 to the 31st, we're asking you to join with us on social media to be the voice of our artisans in a creative and fun way.  With your profile pic.  Cassie Pease created this awesome image for us and it's time we all share it!  Simply add it as your profile pic to facebook, twitter, your blog, pinterest, google+, anything (or all!).

Every time you post, blog, tweet, pin, etc., your picture will come up and you will be THEIR voice.  The voice of the orphan, the voice of the victim, the voice of the hopeless, the voice of the exploited. 

As the month goes on we'll share stories of how and why this is so important.  For now, we're simply asking you to join us and share.  When you get the opportunity to share with us how you have been their voice, let us know here

Let's go!
[Here's how....  Right click on the above image (or our cover photo on facebook).  Click on "save image as".  Save it to a folder and upload to whichever form of social media you prefer - or ALL of them!  :)  Let's get this campaign started!]   

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