Friday, February 1, 2013

Change It Today February - Second Life of Chattanooga

Last year I was participating in an event and a couple came up to me with a bath product and said, "Umm.  The back of this said it was made to help survivors of human trafficking in Tennessee.  That's a mistake, right?"

That has to be one of the biggest misconceptions I have heard about human trafficking - the thought that it doesn't happen here in the United States.  But it certainly does and there isn't a lot of awareness of that fact.  Second Life of Chattanooga (our Change It Today organization for February) is working to change that reality, and they have one of the most wholistic approaches I've seen yet.

They utilize a collaborative approach, mobilizing social service agencies, law enforcement, the media, mental health professionals, government leaders, non profit organizations and educators to identify victims (or potential victims) of human trafficking and get them help.

From their inception in February 2007, Second Life has "set out to be an awareness-driven organization, providing individuals, groups, and organizations with the basic knowledge of the issue of sex trafficking and exploitation so that they could then act on what they now knew in order to become part of the solution to this terrible crime."**


Let's get behind them.  10% of all profits of our sales in February will to go Second Life of Chattanooga.  No coupon code, just shopping.  Keep track of our progress on the sidebar and stay tuned for more info on how you can get involved and just how necessary Second Life of Chattanooga is.  Go shopping here

**Quote taken here.

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