Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Super Bowl Halftime Thoughts

I'm a little slow on the draw.

But, influenza found me, so I'm going to have to be slow this time.  :)

This is important though.

My husband and I watched the Super Bowl this year after the kids went to bed - mostly because I don't need my 9 year old to watch sexual commercials and Beyonce doing her "thing" during the halftime show.  It, of course, was an assumption that the halftime show wouldn't be appropriate for him.  I didn't really know what Beyonce would do during her performance, but in hindsight, our decision was not wrong.

After I watched about 5 minutes of the halftime show, I jumped on the DFC Facebook page and posted this....  "Someone tell me that a Super Bowl halftime like that doesn't drive demand for human trafficking. I know johns and pimps play a tremendous role, but what was THAT telling them?!"

It sparked a lively conversation, not only on our page, but on personal facebook pages as well.  Some agreed.  Others believed Beyonce's performance showcased women's empowerment.  While I hear their point, I just don't agree.

It made me start to think, though.  Despite all the awareness that is being raised, despite the fabulous non-profits that are out there making a difference, I don't think people really know what all goes in to human trafficking - what prompts it, what causes it and what prevents it.

It has become an educational matter for me since the Super Bowl.

I want to start focusing on those specific issues - how we can prevent it in our very homes; what conversations to have with our kiddos, no matter what age they are; how to prevent it in our marriages and how to bring it up with others.

That's going to be our focus for the next 20+ weeks.  We'll talk about our products and artisans as well, but I believe this is so very important.  It is another way to be the voice of our artisans. 

Please join the conversation.  Encourage others to listen in and comment as well.  We want to hear your voice.

As a simple first step, please remember our Change It Today organization of the month, Second Life of Chattanooga.  Their focus is a collaborative approach to fight human trafficking on all levels, from education to prevention to after care.  Live in Tennessee?  Might be a good idea to support them.

Stay tuned.... 

*Image taken from this site.

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