Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vote For April's Change It Today Non-Profit

** There is some type of technical error with our poll to the side.  Please vote by commenting below. You may comment anonymously.  Thank you!

Time for April's Change It Today vote!  The winning organization, fighting poverty in some way, will receive 10% of all our profits (from regular orders) for the month!

Here are 4 of the organizations you suggested to us as well as a brief description of what they do!  Click on their names to find out more......

1.  Apparent Project
  • Works in Haiti.
  • Provides skill development and employment to individuals in extreme poverty in Haiti.
  • Operates under the belief that providing employment to families will keep families together.

2.  Bridge of Hope
  • Works in Illinois.
  • Focuses on building partnerships between single, homeless moms and churches.
  • Operates under the belief that mentorship and relationship change the cycle of poverty.

3.  Project R12
  • Works in Uganda.
  • Funds "hero projects", supporting young, inspiring Ugandas beginning their own in country non-profits. 
  • Operates under the belief that health, education and faith change the cycle of poverty.

4.  Urban Promise of Wilmington, Delaware
  • Works in Delaware
  • Equips children and young adults through Christ with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, personal growth and servant leadership.
  • Operates under the belief that servant leadership and transformation through faith will change the cycle of poverty.  

That's our list!  Vote on the sidebar and share so we can get this started!  Results will be posted on Saturday, April 6!


  1. Apparent Project

  2. Apparent Project

  3. As usual, hard to pick, but how about Bridge of Hope.