Thursday, November 28, 2013

Final One Friday! Your Black Friday Celebration!

We thought maybe you'd like more than one extra special Final One Friday to take advantage of.

Sooooo, we are presenting you with every item that will be discontinued once it is sold out, mostly because we are just unable to get them in again.  A lof of these (ahem, every SINGLE pair of punjammies we have) are some of your very favorite items!

Every one of these items ships for free and is on sale for today, Friday, November 29th ONLY! 

Check out just a few of the awesome products you can purchase, perhaps today for the last time!!

Tara Bracelet

Labradorite Bracelet

Ratna Punjammies

Hana Dots Tote

So, go check out our Final One Friday deals before they are gone!  And use coupon code "FINAL" to take advantage of free shipping for our Final One Friday items.   Visit us here!!

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