Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the 10th Day of Christmas. A Message from Annie, the Founder of Freeset.

A Freeset bag is what led to the beginning of DFC.  I couldn't be more honored to bring you today's post from the founder of Freeset, Annie.  Here is your exclusive 12 days of Freeset post from Annie:

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

10 Lords a leaping...

Did you ever play leap-frog as a kid? The rough and tumble of it was ever so much fun...especially when you collapsed on top of someone else. Running , jumping in wide-open spaces – something I took for granted as a child.

Living in cramped, one roomed homes – the children of Sonagacchi grow up without that freedom to run and jump. They see things they never should and life is very different for them.

One of the greatest joys I have is seeing Raj, Dan, Pobitro, Luke, Charlie, Matthew, Nico, Abijit, Amit and Abhishek run and jump and leap in our Freeset Nursery. Yes, they make a lot of noise – but it's a happy place where kids are allowed to be kids. A place we all treasure.

We dream of a different future for these 10 lords a leaping. That they will grow into young men of good character that will treat women and girls with respect and honor. That they will be agents of change for their community and be able to influence their friends and peers positively.

The gift of friendship and being called “Aunty Annie” by these 10 young boys gives me much hope for the future and I treasure them this Christmas.

 Isn't that beautiful?


I am so proud to carry Freeset bags and I know that the more bags DFC sells, the more women Freeset is able to train to work in freedom.  Please support these amazing women and purchase Christmas gifts by buying a bag/s :), here!   

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  1. Yay Annie! Yay Freeset! And Yay DFC!